Pipeline truck system MW25

The pipeline truck system for sewer camera Inspector® MW25 transports the camera head through a pipe. The sewer camera head is easy to mount. The lift function, together with the supplied wheels and spacers, provide for an adaptable MW25. Therefore its working area varies from diameter 125mm up to 700mm diameter.

Operation and functionality

The sewer camera ZRK70 can rotate endlessly and swiffle 230 degrees. The light yield is such that no additional lighting is required. The image can be focussed using the remote control. The so-called lift function allows the head to be adjusted in height, so larger diameters can be inspected.

The truck system voor pipeline inspections MW25 pulls the cable into the pipe, after which the motorized reel provides for automatically winding the cable. This motorized reel can easily be transported by its wheels on the bottom. For the electronic controller, a case comes included. The MW25 and ZRK70 can be stored in this case. The case is also easy to transport because of a built-in trolley. Recording to a USB stick using the camera image and playback can be done with an Easybox. For the difficult pipes with bends, you can mount the ZRK70 camera head on an optional reel with push rod cable. This allows you to fully inspect the house connections. With our optional steering unit you can steer the camera into a side branch.


Modular pipeline inspection truck system MW25

In case you choose the Inspector Truck MW25, you choose a platform on which all Inspector cameras can be connected to the Easybox. The advantage is that all cameras, each with its own working area, can be connected to the same Easybox.

Download pdf Inspector® MW25 specifications

Power inverter (12V - 230V / 24V - 230V)

Converter from 12V to 230V or from 24V to 230V

USB video grabber

SD to USB adapter

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