Sewer Camera Inspector® 48

The Inspector® 48 inspection camera has a very robust camera head with an extremely high light yield. Your inspections are thus displayed clearly and true to life. The shapes of the head and spring are streamlined, so that the Inspector® 48 sewer camera can be fed through even easier. The working range from this sewer camera  is 75 mm to at least 400 mm diameter lines.

Operation and functionality sewer camera 48

The self levelling camera function, also called horizontal correction, remains that the image is always‘upright’ while the sewercamera head is fed through a pipeline. It is therefore always clear where the bottom of the pipe is and whether the sewer camera head has gone to the left or right after going round a bend. The 8 super bright LEDs are controllable, so that the pipe may be fully illuminated. With the optional 512 Hz transmitter you are able to trace the camera head from above the ground. The camera head and spring may be detached from the combi-cable very straightforwardly.


The Inspector® 48 is available in two versions; the modular and the Junior version. The diferences between the two versions are explained below. In case you prefer more information of each specific version please, see PDF which can be downloaded.



The other option is the Junior system, which is an all in one system. Suitable when you frequently inspect the same type of tubes, want to perform a quick inspection and dont want to make extensive reports.



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In case you choose the modular, you choose a platform. In case you choose the modular system, you choose a platform on which all Inspector cameras can be connected to the Easybox. The advantage is that all cameras, each with its own working area, can be connected to the same Easybox.


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