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The Inspector® 36 Junior is very suitable for when you want to carry out quick inspection jobs without extensive reports in pipes of Ø50-200mm.

The Inspector® 36 Junior inspection camera is a sewer camera that can be used quickly. You flip open the screen and you can start your inspection work. This inspection system is standard delivered with a compact (5.6 inch) display.

After your inspection work, you can view the footage by reading the SD card with the help of a computer or laptop.

There are various accessories for the Inspector® 36 Junior. The accessories and manuals can be found at the bottom of the page.

Inspector 36 Junior


In addition to its fast deployment, the Inspector® 36 Junior has numerous other advantages. This sewer camera is easy to transport and simple to use. We have listed the advantages of this sewer camera for you:

Compact inspection camera (in transport mode only 63x55x30cm)

Light weight (12kg)

6 super bright LED's for a clear image

Angled bends from Ø50mm

Lens with wide viewing angle

Recording photo and video on SD-USB

Transmitter 512hz, for camera/tube/clogging detection (option)

Battery for 2.5 hours operation without power supply 


Guide 70 mm

Applicable in pipes with a diameter from 100 mm and up

Guide 50 mm

Applicable in pipes with a diameter from 70 mm and up

Battery pack Junior systems Inspector 36 en 48

Nowhere near a power socket? Work off-grid for 2,5 hours with the Battery pack.

Battery pack Junior systems Inspector 36 en 48

The compactness of the Junior system is preserved, the Battery pack requires no extra space.

Battery pack Junior systems Inspector 36 en 48

The status of the Battery pack is indicated by a (multi coloring) LED and an acoustic signal.

QWERTY Keyboard

OPTION: Transmitter 512 Hz

Power inverter (12V - 230V / 24V - 230V)

Converter from 12V to 230V or from 24V to 230V

USB video grabber

SD to USB adapter

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