Mini Sewer Camera MiniFlex®

The MiniFlex® plumbing inspection camera is a flexible mini sewer camera that has been specially developed for inspecting small diameter pipes, drains and tubes (32mm - 100mm). Mostly found in for example(for plumbers the CCTV sewer camera!) sanitairy rooms, plumbing and kitchens. This kind of sewer inspections needs flexibility due to the width of the pipe including the numerous bends and the position to manoeuvre into and to be able to carry out a camera inspection with a mini sewer camera.

Inspecting a thin sewer pipe has a double difficulty:

  • the smaller tube diameter and the many often shorter right-angle bends of the pipeline
  • position in which the sewer camera head must maneuver with cable in order to carry out an inspection


sewer camera Miniflex® pushes smoothly several right-angle bends

The Miniflex® sewer camera is equipped with a unique international patented flexible element between the camera-head and the pushrod. This, combined with the innovative bullet-shaped camerahead, provides an easier transit through drains and pipes. Extensive real life tests have proven that even right-angle bends in diameters as of 32mm are taken smoothly. The sophisticated sewer camera-head design keeps the lighting(LED) ring above the bottom, which minimizes reflection, and this together with the carefully selected lens gives the Miniflex® camera a large “viewing angle” and a sharp image, even in larger diameters till 100mm diameter. To make it a complete package, the Miniflex® is standard equipped with a 512Hz transmitter, metercounter and display with recording functions for video and photo on SD-card.



Camtronics with inspection sewer camera Miniflex® popular for sewer service and plumber companies view the Mini Sewer Camera Miniflex®.

Lots of flexible quality for sewer and plumbing services:


Mini sewer camera in cassette form

Like the sewer camera head, the reel/case boasts a sophisticated design and durable materials specifically developed for the Miniflex® with the plumber and other professional users in mind.

Ergonomic housing of the Miniflex® sewer inspection camera

The housing is made of high quality plastic with protective rubber caps making it robust and impact proof. The open construction of this mini inspection camera allows easy cleaning of the whole system.
The dimensions of the housing and materials used in its construction make this system ergonomic, lightweight and compact so it is easy to use at the job site and can be conveniently stored in the van.


A clear 5.6" display with the option of saving video and photos onto SDcard/USB and whose simplicity make it easy to control. With video-out facility (standard on MiniFlex) you can connect a laptop, another monitor and a control box.

High level of accessories as standard

Fitted with a battery pack as standard, the Miniflex® can be used out-of-the-box without a power connection. The 512Hz transmitter and meter counter enables you to correctly locate the position of the camera head.

Guide 28 mm

Applicable in pipes with diameter from 40mm and up

Guide 38 mm

Applicable in pipes with diameter from 60mm and up

Power inverter (12V - 230V / 24V - 230V)

Converter from 12V to 230V or from 24V to 230V

USB video grabber

SD to USB adapter

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