Easysmoker: the smoke generator and smoke blower for sanitary, drain, sewer pipeline testing and leak detection

With the EasySmoker® smoke generator you are able to trace difficult leaks in drains and sewers, indoors and outdoors. Also, for testing and certifying seperated waste water systems, airducts and other piping systems the Easysmoker smokegenerator is a valuable equipment tool. The Easysmoker has a short start-up time, so that you can quickly start your analysis.

Operation and functionality smoke generator Easysmoker

During the inspection of pipelines, sewers and drains, it may happen that a leak is difficult to trace. There is often also an odour nuisance. In such cases, the EasySmoker® smoke generator is a solution. After you have sealed off the normal pipeline exits, you can blow smoke into the pipeline system with the aid of the supplied hose with connector. Due to the built up pressure, the smoke will go through the leak, exiting the pipe to the outside and become noticable. This way, you are able to trace the leak simply, yet effectively.

Camtronics smoke-generator Easysmoker also for the accreditation and certification of seperated (private) waste water systems where rain water is discarded seperately from the household waste water. In such cases, by using the EasySmoker® smoke generator, it's easy to determine if sewer system is connected the right way.

The powerful ventilator and smoking element always provide you with sufficient smoking power. The airflow and smoke amount can be easily adjusted. The EasySmoker® smoke generator is a compact and powerful smoke blower which complies with protection class IP44 and the guidelines from Stichting RIONED (Netherlands) and VLARIO (Belgium, Flanders), which are non-governmental expertise orginizations in sewer management, urban drainage and accreditation (VLARIO). 

The optional EasySeal® is a flexible bellows which makes working with the EasySmoker® smoke generator much easier. This bellows allows you to create a seal around the flexible tube, even when the sewer pipe wall has an uneven surface. Another option is the telescopic EasyStick®. When combined with the EasySeal® this telescopic pole is an accessory which is a must have during the inspection of deep cavities, manholes or high drainage ducts.
The internal 1,5 litres storage tank of the EasySmoker® smoke generator is easy to top up with smoke liquid, which is available in convenient 5-litre canisters.

Inspector Smoke liquid

Inspector Smoke liquid for Easysmoker 5 liter.


Easyseal; easily clamping and sealing the hose into the entrance of the pipe.


The Easyseal fits the standard supplied hose and acts immediately upon air pressure.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

Telescopic pole for tubes that end up in wells at greater depths.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

In combination with the EasySeal, the telescopic pole is a very practical aid for inspections.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

Extendable in two parts, min. Length 1.7 m and max. Length 4 m. A weight of only 1100g.

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