The Easysmoker® smoke generator or smoke machine is a system for detecting leaks in pipes, drains or other channels. This smoke generator can be used for both indoor and outdoor leak detections.

The Easysmoker® is the smoke generator for professional use. The Easysmoker is often used for leak detection, but also for the inspection and testing of separated waste water systems (VLARIO), such as sewers, drainpipes, air treatment channels and more. This high-pressure smoke generator is the solution for various leak- or roof inspections A leak is detected with the help of mist inspection. In addition the Easysmoker® has a short warm-up time, so that you can start your inspection quickly.

Operation and functionality smoke generator Easysmoker

During an inspection of pipes, drains and sewers it can happen that leaks are difficult to trace with an inspection camera. In this situation, there is usually also an odour nuisance. Here a smoke generator is the ideal solution.

When using the Easysmoker® you first close all the regular entrances. The smoke generator blows the smoke into the pipe system with the aid of the supplied hose and coupling piece. Due to the pressure built up the smoke will come out through the leaks. This makes leaks visible through the smoke produced by the smoke machine. The exact locations of the leaks are easy to pinpoint.

The Easysmoker® is suitable for 'standardised inspection of private water drainage' which is also known as 'knocking off' (the separation of clean and polluted water streams). With the Easysmoker® you can use the same working method with smoke detection to easily determine whether the connection of the water discharge is good.

The smoke generator contains a powerful fan and smoke element and provides you with sufficient smoke and smoke output at all times. The airflow rate is easily adjustable.

EASYSMOKER® quality mark

The Easysmoker® is a smoke generator that complies with protection class IP44 and the Stichting RIONED - Nederland and VLARIO - Vlaanderen guidelines.

As an option the Easysmoker® Easyseal is available. A flexible sealing bellows which makes it easier to work with the Easysmoker® smoke generator. The bellow makes it easier to make a seal around the tube, even when the tube wall has irregularities.

Another optional product is the Easysmoker® Telescopic Easystick. When used in conjunction with the Easyseal® this is a useful attachment that makes it easy to insert the hose into deep wells or high drains.

The Easysmoker is fitted with a storage tank (1.5 litres). This tank can easily be filled with the special smoke liquid from Camtronics. This smoke liquid is supplied by Camtronics in jerry cans of 5 litres.

Inspector Smoke liquid

Inspector Smoke liquid for Easysmoker 5 liter.


Easyseal; easily clamping and sealing the hose into the entrance of the pipe.


The Easyseal fits the standard supplied hose and acts immediately upon air pressure.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

Telescopic pole for tubes that end up in wells at greater depths.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

In combination with the EasySeal, the telescopic pole is a very practical aid for inspections.

EasyStick; telescopic stick

Extendable in two parts, min. Length 1.7 m and max. Length 4 m. A weight of only 1100g.

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