Service - maintenance - repair

Camera inspection systems operate under very severe conditions, so regular maintenance is essential. Should things go wrong anyway, then quick repair is required and this just happens to be one of our specialties!

We will happily advise you regarding the maintenance as well as the repair of your inspection camera. We also have the knowledge and experience to maintain and repair inspection camera of different brands. In addition, systems are available for rent. Our Unburdening Service has been active for some time. We have noticed that this type of service is highly appreciated in the market.

Our service, your benefit!

  • all repair & maintenance is done entirely in-house
  • also repair & maintenance of brands other than Inspector are repaired by us in the shortest possible time
  • many years of experience
  • well trained technicians
  • professional workshop
  • advice by a manufacturer
  • short service times
  • unique Unburdening Service​

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